Slowride Roadhouse

Damn…..   Slowride is a blast.

The people are there for music and Sally did their best.


Playing out of the side of a converted tour bus the stage was set for a great gig.  75 degrees and sunny was a great set for Mothers Day.

Sally tore into 4 sets of jump Blues and Americana, then ate the hell out of $1.00 tacos.

Stovepipe said… “hgpi7tpfiu56roulyf” which in taco speak is “F Yeah !!!!”

Until next time, we will miss Slowride



Weston Wine Fest

What a Blast !!!

Sally took the stage last Saturday and served up a smokin hot dish of music that would go well with a red or white.

A capacity crowd was expected and that’s what they got as the orange fencing was straining to hold the rockin crowd.


Sally started with a new tune called “Fox in the Funkhouse”, moved into some cajun blues “Poundin on your Backdoor”  then pushed through into a

new number called “Dont Eyeball My Baby”.

The crowd was stoked and they just just kept the energy up through the whole show.

Scott Pirtle of Pirtle Winery Host and organizer of the event loved the set and has booked KKS for next years festival already.

Sally had a great time and is looking forward to next year…