Larry Fahnestock Trumpet Great Leaves Us All…

LDawg, Mr. Larry Fahnestock has passed away.  Great friend and band mate, animal lover and just a overall good spirit.

He and I met 5 or so years ago at a jam.  Immediately saw some common musical ground and we played together ever since.  I’ll miss the long funny as hell facebook messages where he would riff on something, providing 5 inches of scrolling to get through it.

The music community lost a great ambassador. Larry was a great trumpet player and just added some major upgrades to his horn.  I’ll miss the looks I’d get from him when id pull out my kazoo trying be a horn guy.

His puppy bubby preceeded him on this last trip.  It seems like bubby was holding him together. He started wobbling when bubby moved on. Looks like a little reunion is in order.

Lorrie his girlfriend knew him best, he would profess his love in periodic posts, she still has his love.  They met and immediately were an item. It was great to watch.

We played our last show together last Saturday.  He didn’t attend the pizza and wine afterward as he was feeling tired.

Rest now LDawg


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Slowride Roadhouse

Damn…..   Slowride is a blast.

The people are there for music and Sally did their best.


Playing out of the side of a converted tour bus the stage was set for a great gig.  75 degrees and sunny was a great set for Mothers Day.

Sally tore into 4 sets of jump Blues and Americana, then ate the hell out of $1.00 tacos.

Stovepipe said… “hgpi7tpfiu56roulyf” which in taco speak is “F Yeah !!!!”

Until next time, we will miss Slowride



Weston Wine Fest

What a Blast !!!

Sally took the stage last Saturday and served up a smokin hot dish of music that would go well with a red or white.18489534_1400359106669224_4795215161623423961_o

A capacity crowd was expected and that’s what they got as the orange fencing was straining to hold the rockin crowd.


Sally started with a new tune called “Fox in the Funkhouse”, moved into some cajun blues “Poundin on your Backdoor”  then pushed through into a

new number called “Dont Eyeball My Baby”.

The crowd was stoked and they just just kept the energy up through the whole show.

Scott Pirtle of Pirtle Winery Host and organizer of the event loved the set and has booked KKS for next years festival already.

Sally had a great time and is looking forward to next year…


2017 is Shaping up to be Something Special

2017 will see the release of our 4th CD, tentatively titled “Dog Tilted Head”.

Along with loads of new material Knock Kneed Sally is gaining serious momentum as a headliner and great opening act for national and regional touring performers.

“Trumpet player Larry Fahnestock (Ldawg) and Rick Coomes (Cannonball) have given Sally a huge boost in dynamics.  Many people listen to a band with the 2 guitar thing and mentally say 1001, seen this many many times before.  But not so with 2 horn soloists”  said Stovepipe.  “Getting to play with these guys every night is a real gift.”

Be on the lookout for KKS in your town and make sure you check out some of the new tunes, early summer 2017.





King Biscuit

Oh My Goodness King Biscuit was a blast.  Stovepipe got to play with a lot of his friends, like:  Andy T, Larry Van Loon, Bob Corritore, Smitty, Quicksand, Darryal etc.

He’s still smiling…..  here are some pics

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2016 is Rockin Along !!!

Damn, can it get any better?

Knock Kneed Sally has been having one hell of a year playing many dates and festivals throughout the Midwest including:  Lee’s Summit Blues and Jazz Fest, The Phoenix, BB’s Lawnside BBQ, and 100’s of other gigs.

Coming up in 2 weeks will be the 50,000 fan Festival of Festivals at Bikes Blues and bBQ in Fayetteville AR.

I’m not sure if we can take enough CD’s and Merch to satisfy but we will try.  So stoked for this big assed festival.

Here is the link for BBB


Come see us down there





Shamrock in Wichita is Rockin !!!

It was great to be back in The Big W for a show last Sat. A houseful of our peeps and a large contingent of newby’s.

We started them off with some originals and a little Ray Charles tune called ” I Believe” then we flowed into a little kick ass tune called “Fox in the Funkhouse”

13669775_1457036197655578_8240744098317037093_nThe girls were dancing….and I must admit grinding away by then. My seminary training kicked in and all was well in my world. I have years of playing with my eyes closed so the show continued…..

Moving into the first break after a double set we got all of the huggin and cd sellin out of the way to enjoy a coke and a smoke or was that a smoke and some coke?

Anyway, back at it and the good times kept rolling.

By the end of the night the energy from the crowd kept me fired up as we could have gone a couple more hours….

Alas it ended with a flurry of Blood on the Wind, Statesboro Blues, and Fat Women/Take Your Drunken Ass Home as we headed back to KC.

Until next time my friends….. Much love to the W and the Shamrock


Whats New?

The answer……  A Lot

Knock Kneed Sally has a new CD in the works tentatively called  “Dog Tilted Head”.  Look for it in early August !!!

This will be our 4th CD and 3rd of all original material.  It’s great when you have crazy friends and fans that supply plenty to write songs about.  “Crazy Psycho Kinda Love, Sunday Afternoon, Fox in the Funkhouse are a few of the new titles on tap.

Looks to be a great festival season as we have invites from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi etc, King Biscuit and Bikes Blues and BBQ in Arkansas included.

The festivals are great because we get to see so many of our fans and make new friends.  The bonus is that we get to see some of our friends bands that we don’t normally see because we are all working.