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Larry Fahnestock Trumpet Great Leaves Us All…

LDawg, Mr. Larry Fahnestock has passed away.  Great friend and band mate, animal lover and just a overall good spirit.

He and I met 5 or so years ago at a jam.  Immediately saw some common musical ground and we played together ever since.  I’ll miss the long funny as hell facebook messages where he would riff on something, providing 5 inches of scrolling to get through it.

The music community lost a great ambassador. Larry was a great trumpet player and just added some major upgrades to his horn.  I’ll miss the looks I’d get from him when id pull out my kazoo trying be a horn guy.

His puppy bubby preceeded him on this last trip.  It seems like bubby was holding him together. He started wobbling when bubby moved on. Looks like a little reunion is in order.

Lorrie his girlfriend knew him best, he would profess his love in periodic posts, she still has his love.  They met and immediately were an item. It was great to watch.

We played our last show together last Saturday.  He didn’t attend the pizza and wine afterward as he was feeling tired.

Rest now LDawg


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