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Shamrock in Wichita is Rockin !!!

It was great to be back in The Big W for a show last Sat. A houseful of our peeps and a large contingent of newby’s.

We started them off with some originals and a little Ray Charles tune called ” I Believe” then we flowed into a little kick ass tune called “Fox in the Funkhouse”

13669775_1457036197655578_8240744098317037093_nThe girls were dancing….and I must admit grinding away by then. My seminary training kicked in and all was well in my world. I have years of playing with my eyes closed so the show continued…..

Moving into the first break after a double set we got all of the huggin and cd sellin out of the way to enjoy a coke and a smoke or was that a smoke and some coke?

Anyway, back at it and the good times kept rolling.

By the end of the night the energy from the crowd kept me fired up as we could have gone a couple more hours….

Alas it ended with a flurry of Blood on the Wind, Statesboro Blues, and Fat Women/Take Your Drunken Ass Home as we headed back to KC.

Until next time my friends….. Much love to the W and the Shamrock